Before settling in Fox Mill Estates and opening Frances’s Friendly Childcare, Mrs. Frances and her family lived in Lund, Sweden for six years where most of her husband’s relatives still reside. Prior to that, she lived in her native country of Iran where she earned her bachelor’s in accounting and ran her own small accounting firm.  

Her husband, Mr. Moe, is a retired contractor who holds a master's degree in management from the University of La Verne (1978). He is a devout and loving husband whose love for his family has led him to make numerous renovations to their home during their many years of living there. Although he is now retired, he gives Mrs. Frances a helping hand with her child care when she needs it. 

Both Mrs. Frances and Mr. Moe enjoy gardening in their spare time. Their pear tree, which is located in their front yard, has become somewhat of a neighborhood attraction with the large amount of fruit it produces each season. They also take pride in their mulberry, cherry, and fig trees they planted in their backyard. 

Mrs. Frances and Mr. Moe are also the proud parents of two grown sons. The oldest works for the Food and Drug Administration in Silver Spring, MD, and the youngest works in Deloitte Consulting the Washington, D.C. area.